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Well, it's all new, really.  We launched the website 2/10/2012.  We'll try to keep up with our additions and changes as we go.  Emphasis on the word 'try'!

Beach Market

Rarely does a week pass when we don't get a call from a enthusiast looking for advice, parts, drawings, or even cars.  And some who stumble on the site are even trying to make room in their garage by churning unused inventory.


We've decided to incorporate all of these needs into a new site section.  Formerly "Parts 'n Pieces", the new "Beach Market" section will feature some of our own inventory, as well as Beach items that our fellow travelers either think they can't do without, or can't wait to get rid of!


All we need is contrubutions via our email, and we will add as much information as our computer-illiterate, right-brained selves can manage.  And, oh yeah - it's free!

  The 2014 Pacific Northwest Vintage Road Racing Championships


Latest News  10/29/2014

The Lesson

Labor Day weekend, and the 2014 race season is slowly winding down with only two events remaining.  It's the last lap of the last race of another fantastic outing at Portland International Raceway. Great friends, great weather, great racing and the car is 'on the button' for the upcoming Fall Finale.


The two lead cars are out of reach, and the fourth place car is a half lap back.  I've got it on 'cruise', thinkin' about the load-up, the drive home, and how awesome that last piece of blackberry / peach cobbler I saved from last night's dinner is going to taste...




NOS Video

We just unearthed some very short video clips (back when memory was at a premium!) of our 2007 HMSA HMod Reunion in Reno when we were still running the Imp drivetrain.  They are now pasted into that story in the original Latest News blog entry.

Beach Mk5C results at FV 50th Anniversary!


 50 Years of Formula Vee  4/9/13

Ed Ziegler heads out of the hot pits on his way to a podium finish. 

Photo by Scott Beach.

Minning Car Resurfaces


Latest News  12/21/12

50th Anniversary FV Festival

We're goin' - how about you?!



Formula Vee Page

It's new, with more to come.



B.S. Levy wrings out the yellow car!


 Latest News  9/12/2012

First pics of Upgrade Bodywork


Bodywork  6/21/12

John and Sherry Fleming's car #104A.

Our Cars - #104A  2/12/12

FIA Certification for #105 Progresses

Latest News  2/12/12

H Modified Reunion - Reno 2007

Latest News  2/12/12

Classic Motorsports Feature Article

Latest News  2/12/12

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