New Vintage-style Beach Bodywork

We have vintage body panel molds for the Mk4B, Mk4B II, and Mk5C, and can produce panels to order.  We also have rare original parts, such as radiator ducts, that we have pulled molds from and are now available for the first time in many years.

New Upgrade Beach Bodywork

As the '60s drew to a close, sports racing cars used ever-wider tires that necessitated the addition of fender flares and body alterations, some of which were neither effective nor attractive.  Using an original-style Mk4B II body on a vintage frame, we built in these features to create an attractive, functional alternative to the ever-popular cut-and-paste method.

LeGrand Mk18 Bodywork

One thing leads to another.  One of our cars came to us with modified LeGrand Mk18 bodywork.  Sometime later, we stumbled on a set of molds for the original Mk18, so we acquired them.  Who knows why - maybe we felt we just had too much room around the shop.  So if you have a LeGrand Mk18, or just want to dress your car to look like one, help us help you!

Used Bodywork

When we fitted the new Upgrade bodywork to our yellow car, the original bodywork became 'surplus to our needs' as they say.  Now, it's not feeling the love.  Fully painted and ready to fit, it was made new from original-style molds by Hugh Klienpeter for this car in the late '90s and has never been in a shunt.  The original paint is in excellent 'as raced' condition, so this could be the deal of the century if your car is either missing bodywork, or has old, beat-up, heavy panels sitting on it.  Comes complete with headlight covers and bronze-tinted windscreen, just like in the photo.

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