The Mighty Imp

Many of Gene's most successful sports racing cars used a Hillman / Sunbeam Imp powertrain.  Affordable, light and powerful, these elegant, all-aluminium motors were designed after the Coventry Climax engine, and had a wide range of both factory and aftermarket parts and techniques used to enhance their performance.  We have used the Imp motor extensively in our cars, and have a wide variety of new and good, used stock and performance parts.

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Performance Engines and Parts

Need we say more?  Here is an entire full race 998 Imp laid out to feast your eyes upon.  Forged pistons, Total Seal metric rings, high volume oil pump with bronze drive gear, extended sump - the works!  Check out that lightened flywheel machined for an F3 clutch, or the Sport cylinder head with 1.40 / 1.125 vlaves, Wills rings and massive ports.  Well, massive might be an overstatement, but you get the idea.  This is truly the best of the best, and is indicative of the care and attention to detail we put into all our work.

Dry Sump Lubrication System

Highly stressed engines need a constant supply of cool, non-aerated oil, and when making big horsepower at high revs with the Imp, a dry sump system is just what the doctor ordered.  The good news is: you don't need a prescription for this one!


The Imp's combination intake/exhaust manifold configuration can make building a new header a real hassle.  We have good used versions for both upright and layover (right or left) configurations.  And if you want to run a Hewland Mk gearbox, we have adapter plates that match the configuration of your choice.

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