Beach Market

No, you won't find the Mango Man, or some dude selling a blanket that's 'almost free' here.  This is for those of us who are looking to buy or sell Beach Stuff, all the way from hats and T-shirts to complete cars.


If you have something like that to sell, or you are looking for something like that to buy, email us.  We require only the item description, price and contact information, and we'll leave it up until you tell us to take it down (or six months, whichever comes first!).


Why, here's one now...

I'm in the market for a nice Beach 5C.  Would prefer a driver but would consider all options.  John Ridings, Texas  CVAR FV # 5  

Ph: 817-946-9191 

Looking for older Formula Vee chassis to build into a
autocross/solo car.  I have engine, gear box, and front end as well as coil over shocks 
Thank You
Barry Sanders  E_mail:

Beach Mk 4  3-005

This is the first Beach sports racer, originally built by Gene in 1963.  Fully rebuilt as a roller by Metcalf Racing (an excellent race shop in Texas).


Tom McClintock, 


How to Reach Us:

Beach Racing Cars


700 SW Normandy Road

Seattle, WA 98166

Phone:                206.396.9891


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