In an effort to try to help our owners rebuild their cars, we are putting out an All Points Bulletin for Gene's drawings of any of his cars.  

We have limited complete drawing sets of the Mk4B and Mk5B, but lack any information whatsoever for other cars, such as the Mk5C.  Have a look in your garage, basement, or mistress's apartment and dig out those old blueprints.  Help us help you!


Founded in 1963 by Gene Beach, Beach Racing Cars now continues under new ownership, once again offering cars, parts and guidance in restoring your classic Beach race car.

About Us

We are passionate about Beach race cars.  We own them, we drive them, and yes, all too often we have to fix them!  We would like to help other Beach owners use and enjoy these purposeful, elegantly designed race cars.


Parts for vintage race cars can be hard to come by.  We have fiberglass molds and Gene's original drawings from which to source or make most parts for the Mk4B, Mk4B II and Mk5C.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

We would like to take time to pay homage to those who have made all of this possible.  To Gene Beach, whose genius created these cars we revere so much, and to Nick England, who has kept the fires burning through his tireless and enthusiastic pursuit of all things Beach, as chronicled on his fabulous Beach Racing Cars History website, - we salute you.

How to Reach Us:

Beach Racing Cars


700 SW Normandy Road

Seattle, WA 98166

Phone:                206.396.9891


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