Chassis ID Plates

Tracing the history of a car can be difficult; even impossible at times.  And not having a chassis ID plate doesn't make it any easier.  Some plates have been removed and lost, other cars simply didn't have them.  We have plates available for owners of Beach cars who can prove the identity of their car.  Once we have been satisfied that the car in question deserves the ID plate, we will stamp one and send it out.  Please don't ask us for a blank plate.

Nose Badges

Tell 'em who you are!  We were fortunate enough to find a Mk4B II sports racer that had never been assembled, and had been stored in heated space for forty years.  Unbelievable, no?  That car has help us tie down a lot of question marks about the progression of construction methods at Gene's shop, and funished us with a wealth of parts in original condition. 

One of those parts was a pristine nose badge, which we had replicated in original porcelain (we don't even want to think about how much that cost us!).  Many of the later Beach cars had a recess molded into the nose section for these badges, but no worries - they fit even those cars that didn't originally have them. How good are they?  Well, we scanned one and used it for our masthead logo - it's right at the top of the screen.   A tasty bit of jewelry for the object of your obsession. 


In the plans that Gene drew for the Mk4B, he included a couple of pages of full-size renderings for A-arms and suspension links.  This allows us to fabricate these parts just like the originals.  And although he didn't leave us any drawings for the rear uprights, we have made patterns from both our Mk4B and Mk4C cars, so those parts are available as well.

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